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Adding Excitement to your Kitchen or Bathroom with Tile

Tile is a classic material that can add timeless value to your kitchen or bathroom. There is an array of great options when choosing tile for patterns, colors, and materials. It takes time to develop a style that fits perfectly with your particular lifestyle and creates a space that you love. The key is to look at the room as a whole and consider the overall design to create a pattern that flows throughout the space. First, look at the overall color scheme of the room, and choose complementary colors, or ones that offer a vivid contrast.

Choosing a style for your space can be intimidating, but do not be afraid to think outside the box for inspiration! Traditional looks like ceramic tile in solid, natural colors provide classic looks that will remain in style forever. However, if you are looking for a more modern and fresh feel, you may want to consider vinyl options. They are on-trend and popular in today’s renovations. Geometric shapes can be pieced together in many ways; today’s tile isn’t limited to various sizes of rectangles, hexagons, and squares. The available patterns are nearly endless.

Stylistically, tile is no longer limited to just floors and back-splashes. Consider carrying the tile from a built-in shower across the floor and up the walls for a cohesive look that brings the bathroom together. Consider all the options at your disposal and then pick what’s absolutely best for your family. However, we understand every situation will be different, and you may need professional help in areas you aren’t as familiar with. Gerome’s Kitchen and Baths have the years of experience to help you design the stunning kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.


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