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Cabinet Refacing In Cleveland, OH

At Gerome’s Kitchen and Bath, we provide our customers with a number of options for remodeling their homes. Deciding on a new look for the kitchen often means switching out old appliances, repainting walls, and changing out countertops. But when it comes to replacing cabinets, there are ways to make the job easier and more affordable.

Refacing Vs. Buying New

A large portion of what makes a cabinet cannot be seen from the outside. This is space that can be reused with any style or color. By refacing the doors, drawers, and end panels without buying totally new cabinet spaces, homeowners can save up to 40% on their remodeling costs. That’s money that can be spent on other, more expensive aspects of the job.

Cabinets At Gerome’s Kitchen And Bath

With many variations in color and style, our cabinet drawers and surfaces allow for a multitude of remodeling combinations. Visit our showroom to see our stock and options for yourself.

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