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    Kitchen Remodeling & Design

    Did you know that most families will only remodel their kitchen once in their lifetime? That makes it all the more crucial to get it right. Remodeling your kitchen is a big step, no matter how simple it may seem at first. You’ll need to consider the layout of your kitchen space, the design you’re

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    Kitchen Space Needed for an Island

    Adding a kitchen island appeals to many homeowners. Before proceeding with this project, make sure the existing floor plan will accommodate the addition.

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    Six Swoon-Worthy Kitchens to Fit Your Style

    Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, the kitchen is one of the most important design elements of a home. It’s a central gathering place for family and entertaining, so it deserves special attention.

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    Upgrading to a Smart Kitchen

    Connected homes will include smart kitchen appliances. These camera-ready, Wi-Fi enabled units are designed to help the user with everyday tasks.

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    Increase Home Value With Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

    When people are perusing their options for home improvements, it’s common to want to choose projects that will provide the highest return possible for the money spent. Kitchen & bath remodeling generally comes in at the top of the list of cost-effective improvements. This is especially true for houses that have features or elements that are old and outdated.

    Keep it Simple
    Kitchen & bath remodeling can result in a significant return on investment, especially if homeowners plan a simple remodel instead of an elaborate project. A simple kitchen project might include replacing appliances, cabinet doors, plumbing fixtures, hardware, and paint. The cosmetic overhaul that results from this type of work can be significant, while the expense is not astronomical. A simple bathroom project might involve new sink, tub, and shower fixtures; lighting; and paint. To ensure that the project will actually enhance value, homeowners should strive to keep the cost of a remodeling project no more than 25 percent of the total value of the residence.

    The cost to remodel depends on geographic location, materials chosen, and contractor hired. However, an average minor remodel in the kitchen might come in between $8,000 and $12,000. In the bath it could be as little as $3000.  A homeowner investing this amount in a residence could reasonably expect to recoup the cash outlay by 100 percent or even more with the value added to the home’s selling price.

    Kitchen & bath remodeling has a variety of benefits for the homeowner, both immediately and down the road. These enhancements can improve lifestyle immediately, making these rooms infinitely more enjoyable for the family. When it comes time to sell the residence, prospective buyers will appreciate the renovations.

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    Adding Excitement to your Kitchen or Bathroom with Tile

    Tile is one of the most versatile choices for kitchen and bathroom walls and floors. With a few simple tips, you can add excitement to your rooms.

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