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Choose the Right Shower Head for a New Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is a huge task. All of the fixtures have to fit the existing plumbing, the tile has to complement the paint, and everything has to coordinate. With as much time as the average American spends in the shower, choosing the right shower head is one of the biggest decisions in the bathroom remodeling process.

Types of Shower Heads
There are two main types of shower heads: fixed and hand-held. Wall-mounted fixed shower heads are the most traditional option, but fixed heads can also be mounted on the ceiling (for a rain-like feel) or on a sliding bar for adjustable height.

Hand-held fixtures are great for people with less mobility. For addressing mobility concerns with a bathroom remodeling project, building a seating area and mounting the shower head low can be a great solution. These hand-held fixtures are also ideal for washing children and pets, and they make cleaning the tub a lot easier. There are also 2-in-1 options that can be used as both fixed and hand-held.

Water Speed
Some shower heads offer adjustable settings for water speed and pattern. Some fixtures will only have one or two settings, while others offer up to twelve. Some of the settings may include larger droplets, a sharper spray, or pulse patterns. Each person will have their own preference, so those with large families might consider one with several options.

Of course, aesthetics are important during bathroom remodeling. Today’s shower heads come in a wide range of styles and finishes, including bronze, chrome, copper, and white. There are even fixtures fitted with LED lights for a totally customized look! Whatever the inspiration, there is sure to be a complementing style.

Water Usage
Another big consideration in choosing a shower head is how much water will be used in the shower. One way to know if a shower head is environmentally friendly is by looking for the EPA’s WaterSense seal. These shower heads reduce the amount of water used while maintaining both the spray’s force and range. This is usually done by aeration, or pumping air into the water flow.


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