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Gerome’s: We Stand Behind Our Free Estimates

So you already crunched the numbers and figured out how much you have to spend on your new kitchen or bathroom remodel. You also realize that you have to account for a 10-20% overage due to the fact that there may be some obstacles along the way that you will need to handle (e.g.: bad plumbing line, or electrical that is found once a wall is opened up).

With the increased competition in home remodeling, bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling  these days you are most likely to get quite a variety of free estimates with a wide range of costs. So how do you know if a bathroom remodel estimate is too low, too high or just right? Well, you need to do some research about the person or company supplying the free estimate. Is the company a qualified remodeling company with many years  of experience in overseeing and designing a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, or are they a General Contractor, home builder or handyman with experience in many fields?

Chances are you will receive your lowest bid from  General Contractor or independent contractor who will sub-contract all or some the work out, or from a handyman type.  While these people may be good trades people, are they really capable of bringing in your project in on time and within your budget?  Are they presenting the true cost of a bathroom remodel? What you need is someone who truly understands all the ins and outs of your bathroom remodel. Who is experienced with all the costs, who can keep the project running on time. Who can design for your budget and help guide you so you do not make choices that may be out of your realistic bathroom or kitchen remodeling costs.

When Gerome’s gives you an estimate for your bathroom remodel we have taken every detail into account, including our time on project management and design. We will not surprise you in the middle of the job and say “this is gong to cost more than we thought”. We have our own crew of trade’s people that have been with us for decades and we all work very closely together so we know how much time is expected to complete a project and what the cost is right out of the gate.


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