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Kitchen Space Needed for an Island

Adding a kitchen island to a floor plan is an excellent way to pull the entire room together. With workstations, appliances, and storage space, the island can streamline the cooking process. Ensure the area is large enough to accommodate this feature, and then proceed with the project.

Clearance Zone
The clearance zone is the space between objects, surfaces, and furniture. Optimally, the clearance zone around an island should be at least 3 feet, but this can vary. Families with more members using the space might need more room to prevent congestion.

Considering Potential Obstructions
Cabinet and appliance doors and drawers opening and closing around the kitchen island will be another factor to consider. Clearance when doors and drawers are fully extended should be a minimum of 3 feet for safety. Hence, the floor space from counter to counter with cupboard and appliance clearance will need to be 3 feet plus the measurement of the open obstructions.

Minimum Dimensions
Even a small space could likely accommodate a kitchen island if the addition is small enough. The minimum recommended dimensions are about 40 inches by 40 inches. An island this size could be useful as an additional work and storage space. It may also be possible to add a stool or two along one edge.

Maintain Proportion
Large kitchens can accommodate large islands, and small kitchens can accommodate small islands. To avoid cramped spaces, do not choose an addition that is too large for the area. Similarly, a large kitchen with a small island could create an overly wide clearance zone, which can throw off the proportions of the room.

Wise homeowners consult with the professionals at Gerome’s for assistance with renovating a kitchen to ensure that every new component fits efficiently into the space.


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