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Make Your Kitchen More Functional with 5 Updates

Kitchen design is important to ensure functionality and pleasant surroundings. Homeowners may want to update this room to add stylish features and amenities. A variety of kitchen remodeling projects is available to improve use, flow, and appearance.

Cabinets provide far more than just storage. It’s possible to add various accessories to cabinetry to make them more functional and user-friendly. Pull-out shelving and Lazy Susans make it easier to reach items located in recessed areas. Pull-down shelving is another kitchen design feature to consider, enabling people to move shelves for easy reach.

Expanding storage options can improve the cook’s life significantly. Consider appliance garages to minimize counter clutter, yet keep frequently-used items within easy access. Vertical solutions such as peg boards and open shelving can also expand storage exponentially.

For full function, incorporate three different kinds of lighting – general, task, and accent lighting – into the design plan. Kitchen remodeling should prioritize task lighting above the sink, the stove, and prep areas to illuminate these spots.

Every kitchen needs designated work centers. An island can become an efficient spot for prep and storage. Adding a sink to an island increases its function significantly.

Consider the layout of this room to ensure full functionality. Many plans exist to fit every space. In general, a layout should include work centers, a cooking center, a clean-up center, and storage centers. The flow and sequence between centers is an important consideration. Various areas should not be too close together or too far apart, both issues that could impede function and make food preparation difficult.

Enlist the help of a kitchen design expert to incorporate both function and beauty into a kitchen remodeling project.


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