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Three Projects for Remodeling the Bathroom in Your Empty Nest

Empty nesters often find themselves suddenly blessed with extra funds and extra time, and bathroom remodeling projects are a popular way to make use of both. These practical rooms may be a daily setting for hustle and bustle in a full house, especially when one toilet is shared by multiple teenagers. Once the kids have left for college, it’s possible to slow down and make the utilitarian spaces more pleasant and relaxing. Consider the following bathroom remodeling ideas for your next project.

Bathtub Spa
With jets to massage and circulate the water, a bathtub can become an appealing place to unwind and relax away the tension that accumulated over the past couple of decades. This is the perfect time to add the comforts that might be impractical in a home with small children, and massage jets will be popular with overnight guests.

Drop the Bath and Shower Combo
Many of the most utilitarian shower tubs can have high walls on the sides, and stepping inside can be a challenge for aging adults. The slippery surfaces and limited handholds can make bathing a potential safety hazard for older friends and relatives. Upgrade to an upright shower space without the hassle of climbing into a tub.

Add a Bench in the Shower
If you already have a space to stand up, consider adding space to sit down. You don’t need to rush out to make lunches anymore, so reward yourself occasionally by just sitting down and soaking in the hot water.

Whatever project you choose for your bathroom remodeling plans, consider how you would prefer to use the space. Now that the kiddos are off to college, make the most of it and design and customize the bath according to your unique sense of style.


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